• Animation for Artists @ Dartmoor Arts

    This summer, I was hired alongside animator Anna Aroussi to devise and run the first ever animation course at Dartmoor Arts Summer Schools.  Dartmoor arts has been running since 2006. They offer a variety of educational arts events in Devon and providing artists, educators and other individuals with a variety of courses such as metal forging, documentary filmmaking and storytelling through their annual summer school in Drewsteignton.

    Our objective with this course was to provide participants with the chance to explore a variety of stop-motion techniques from traditional to experimental so that they could find ways of bringing their own aesthetic and practice into animation. We looked at claymation, 2D stop-motion, mixed media, pixilation, light painting and rotoscoping among other things. As a result, the group made this rather surreal collaborative piece. 

    Due to the small number of participants, Anna and I had to split the week unfortunately. We’re both very excited by the results. however, and hope to return in summer 2013 with the course. 

    Here is another video which gives an idea of the variety activities that the participants took part in throughout the week and how their ideas may have developed into the final film.