• Freefall

    Continuing to update my blog here on the new site, next up is my work with Exeter Phoenix’s Freefall group.

    Last summer I was hired to do a day-long animation workshop with Exeter Phoenix’s youth arts club. The task was to devise and create an animated ident for the group. During a devising session we played around with the idea of mixing different styles of animation within one piece. I showed the group how to do pixilation (animating people) and they were instantly sold on the idea of incorporating it into their animation. In the end, the group decided upon making a 2d flying pig (for obvious reasons…) that would be a mixture of both drawn and cut-out animation. To add even more technical ambition to the project, the pig would interact with some of the members of the group. 

    We had a really fun day putting the animation together. It was a tall order (on Fathers’ day nonetheless), but we managed to finish the animation in just 6 hours. It was really intensive, but as most animation goes, entirely worth the effort in the end. Check out the video below, followed by a behind the scenes timelapse that we had running during the session.

    Since this animation session I have been in touch with the group with a view to continue some film/animation work in the future. At the moment they are working towards an Exhibition at the Exeter Phoenix showcasing the creative work that they have done in the past 2 years. For this, I will be running my first 3D workshop using the Phoenix’s new GOPRO 3D rig. I have also worked with the group as a photographer on their arts heroes project, where members dressed up as their idols. This too will be displayed at the exhibit. Here is member Felix’s Danny Boyle tribute (a la 28 Days Later):